Bandanas - The Good Trend x Velvet Heartbeat

Bandanas - The Good Trend x Velvet Heartbeat


Although it’s just a square of fabric with a dainty hem, the styling possibilities of bandanas are endless and timeless! Tie it on a bag, tie it in your ponytail, wear it as a headband, try a neckerchief, add one as a pocket square, the list goes on! Check out The Good Blog for some great styling ideas!

We were on the hunt for bandana styles that came in cuter prints than the classics so decided to make our own! The Good Trend and us have created these in a sustainable way by making ours from remnants, deadstock and scrap fabrics to help keep these textiles out of landfill.

Because they are made from small pieces they are mostly limited so if you like one get it before it’s gone!

Check out more colours and prints over at The Good Trend!

Product Details

Fabrics are all cotton or cotton blended with polyester


50-55cm Square (19.5”-21.5”)


Cold machine wash if required, warm steam iron

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